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Lawn Mowing, Weed Trimming, & Edging

We do it ALL! Our primary service is the foundation to making your home look BEAUTIFUL!


As a home or business owner, you should be able to enjoy your lawn and landscaping without worrying about mowing or trimming your lawn. Your life is busy... don't miss out on it because you had to mow!

Our standard mowing service includes the entire yard, weed trimming around all trees, posts, fences, flower bed edges etc., edging all patios, walkways, and driveways as well as blowing off all clippings. Our edging will put a fine “edge” in the ground and separate grass from adjacent surfaces.

We hand-trim in places the mower cannot reach, like the interior corners of fences, under low-hanging limbs, and in odd-shaped areas. This will ensure an even height for your grass and maintain a consistent look across the whole lawn.

Our lawn mowing service will ensure that you have a beautiful, healthy, and lush lawn. We will keep the ideal height your lawn based on season and will make sure it’s never overgrown nor shorter than 2.5 to 3 inches high. We offer both weekly and bi-weekly mowing services.

Flower Bed Maintenance

While a sculpted lawn is good, a POP of color in your manicured flower beds will make your landscaping shine!


Pulling weeds?... about as fun as pulling teeth. Who has time?

We all want to keep our flower beds in show-ready condition all year long, but it doesn't take long for those pesky weeds to show themselves. The flower bed maintenance services we offer (including weed control, soil cultivation, mineral refinement, definition of edges, raking, floral care, etc.) will get your lawn's highlights back in shape.

Our dedicated team of landscaping pros will help guide you through the services needed to meet your goals. We will help keep your home landscaping and flower beds looking great, even during the heat of our Texas summer months. We also ensure your overall landscaping looks even better in the fall and winter, and continues growing during the early  months of spring. All of our service offerings are designed with you (our customer) in mind. Each of our employees are reliable, professional, and well trained. We'll make sure your home's flower beds stay healthy and vibrant so you can enjoy it year-round.

Mulch Delivery

By keeping your flower beds mulched, you help the ground retain moisture AND help to choke-out weeds.


When it comes to enhancing your residence's visual charm, mulch gives a clean looking touch to any kind of landscape. It can also minimize your dirt's loss of moisture, prevent erosion as well as block weed development. We can deliver a wide series of mulch in various shades from red to black mulch to personalize the look of your backyard as well as flower beds. The types of mulch we supply include nuggets, which are larger chunks that will add structure to your lawn. Chips are a medium-sized option that work well around trees as well as bushes, while the shredded mulch is perfect for protecting smaller sized plants in your garden. A dark ground cover can include a pop of contrast to lighter stonework, or you can border stepping-stones with a natural-colored bark mulch to produce a stylish garden pathway. We even offer a low maintenance rubber mulch made from used tires that doesn't break down or fade as quickly as wood does, so it can last up to 10 years. This strong material stays put in floodings as well as high winds. Since it doesn't attract ants or termites and provides a soft pillow, rubber bark mulch is a wonderful choice for homes and kid's play areas.

Hedge & Shrub Trimming

To "top-off" your gorgeous landscaping, we shape and trim all your hedges and shrubs.


We help preserve the health of your plants, shrubs, small trees, and bushes with routine cutting done on a month-to-month basis.

Cutting and pruning are absolutely essential to having healthy bushes, trees, shrubs, and general landscaping. This service provides a better-looking plant, yet also promotes long-term health and prevents interference with other plants.

Trimming Maintains plant size and shape, prevents broken branches when performed by a professional, and regular trimmings can make the difference between an OK lawn and one that is head-turning. Customers that participate in our annual shrub and bush trimming program receive service once a month to ensure clean-cut landscaping beds at their home or property. Our trimming solution preserves the sizes and shape you desire as well as opens the healthier parts of the plant to soak up more air, light, and water.

Tree Trimming

By having your trees trimmed, you continue the consistent manicured look for your overall landscaping.


Tree cutting as well as trimming services are the cornerstone to our tree maintenance program. Our focus is to promote your tree's health, boosting growth and preserving its all-natural appearance. Occasionally, homeowners attempt to trim their trees themselves and wind up cutting incorrectly, causing major damage to their trees and landscape.

The cost of tree cutting and trimming is based on numerous factors, consisting of the type of tree, its height as well as how difficult it is for our staff to access the tree. Removing a tree is the most costly service. It typically consists of cutting down the tree section by section, after that carrying away the sections. Usually, grinding the tree stump costs additional. Oak trees, for example, can grow taller than 60 feet and also are exceptionally hard to cut. Pine trees, on the other hand, are easier to take down yet can grow much taller.

Need a quote for YOUR tree trimming or tree cutting job? Give us a call or click the FREE QUOTE button at the top of this page.
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